Wheel skins are decorative coverings that transform scratched, dull or rusted wheels into high-quality chrome wheels. In simple terms, wheel skins are new skin covering your old wheel. They serve functions like aesthetics and protection. This covering protects the wheels from water, dust, and mud. Here’s all you need to know about wheel skins.

What are Wheel Skins?

Also known as hubcaps or simulators, wheel skins are designed to fit styled steel wheels or alloy wheels. Wheel skin has a similar design to the wheel cover. Thus, it’s used interchangeably and often referred to as a wheel cover. It fits perfectly over the wheel with minimal effort, requiring no extra securing. In some cases, you’ll need to remove the center cap emblem, snap and fit your existing wheels for a more finished look. The wheel cover fits a vehicle’s standard base steel wheels, requiring clips and a ring. It usually has multiple holes on the outer edge, leaving some parts of the wheel exposed. Unlike the wheel cover placed over the entire diameter of the wheel with holes in it, wheel skins cover the lug nuts and rims. The design of a wheel skin gives the wheel additional support while providing sound insulation and improving the driving experience.


Wheel Skin, Hubcap, and Rim

Generally, the wheel cover/skin, hub caps, and rim are mistaken for another. The wheel skin/wheel cover has a similar design and functions, different from hubs and rim. Many people refer to the hubcap as the wheel skin/cover, but this isn’t accurate. The hubcap only covers the center portion of the wheel. Before now, the hubcap was made from shiny metals. Recently, it’s been replaced with plastic materials. Due to the quality of the materials, they can be used for many years since plastic materials are not prone to damage and deformations. Today, hub covers aren’t very useful because many prefer wheel covers/wheel skin.

The rim is the round metal that is covered by the tire. It offers support and strength to tire. The wheel cover/ skin, tire, and hubcap are attached to the rim.

As earlier stated, wheel skins are majorly for aesthetics and protection of wheels. They don’t play any role in the movement or safety of the vehicle. The universality in the application of the wheel skin makes it possible to transfer wheel skins from one car to another. Meanwhile, there are different sizes of wheel skins for rims. For example, a size 14 inches rim skin cannot be used on a size 16 rim. Its usage is dependent on the size of the rim. Wheel skins are available in different sizes and designs to suit each automobile user.


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