Your vehicle’s wheels can be an extension of your personality. The style, the shine, the color all make your ride as unique as you are. Maybe you’re into the polished or painted wheel style? Perhaps wheel powder coating is more you? If you’re in Florida and have been searching for “hubcaps near me,” trying to find a look as individual as you are, you can stop the search now. Sam the Hubcap Man is the place to find a wheel styled to match your personality and tastes.


Every wheel design has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular wheel styles and see what suits your tastes the best.


Durable Wheel Powder Coating

Wheels are powder coated by first electrically grounding the wheel. An electrostatic charge is then used to hold a powder coating in place on the wheel while it is being heated. This results in the powder bonding to the wheel surface.


  • Powder coating is immensely tough and is resilient against fading and scratching
  • Powder coating is becoming one of the most popular finishes on the market.
  • The coating process makes the finish incredibly resistant to corrosive chemicals.


  • The finished coating will appear thick.
  • Custom wheel colors can be extremely expensive.


Shiny Chrome Finish

While searching for “hubcaps near me,” you will undoubtedly come across the mirrored finish of chrome wheels.


  • A minor blueish hue and a brilliant shine give chrome wheels a distinctive mirror-like appearance.
  • Despite its incredible shine, chrome will hold up well against scratches and abrasions. 
  • Being resistant to scratches, chrome wheels are easy to clean and polish without fear of damage.


  • Chrome finishes are usually the most expensive option. 
  • Salt and winter weather can make the chrome finish peel from the wheel.
  • Chrome is highly scratch-resistant, but a spot repair is not possible if it is scratched or damaged. The chrome coating will need to be stripped off and completely reapplied.


A Painted Wheel Of Many Colors

Using an airbrush to coat the wheel, painted wheels can come in any number of styles and colors.


  • Paint can be mixed to produce almost any color for the wheel.
  • Aluminum flakes can be mixed in with brilliant colors to provide a truly unique finish.
  • The mixing process allows for a variety of visual stylings.


  • An utterly uniform look isn’t possible due to the way materials in the paint reflect light off them.
  • Lighting, distance, and the viewing angle can change the way colors look on the wheels.


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These are just some of the styles and finishes you will find at Same The Hubcap Man. We can provide you with wheel powder coating, chrome, painted, and so many other wheel choices. If you are in Florida, stop searching for “hubcaps near me.” You will not find a more complete selection of custom wheels. You are unique, and your ride should be as well. When you are ready to stand out from the crowd, give us a call or stop by!

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