If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s wheels to give it a new look without breaking the bank, you’ll want to ensure you have the proper wheel installation kit for starters. Sam the Hubcap Man is Florida’s go-to car care and accessories hotspot. With custom wheels, brand name tires, chrome grills and handles, along with wheel skins, hubcaps, wheel covers and more, we are your premier location for all things cars and trucks. 


Original and Aftermarket Tires

Keep in mind that most original equipment, such as the lug nuts and bolts, will not work on newer or aftermarket tires you purchase to upgrade your ride. Making sure you have the right equipment before you dive into swapping your tires can save you time and a headache. Wheel installation kits come with all the necessary hardware to safely secure your new wheels to your vehicle without worrying about what you might need to purchase at the last minute to get your car in running shape. What may or may not be included in these installation kits are hub centric rings. These rings help eliminate higher speed vibrations in your car, and are sometimes part of newer tires’ accessories. The rings are occasionally used in newer tires to mimic the fit of the original wheel on the vehicle’s hub. Hub centric rings are typically not included in aftermarket wheel kits, so it’s important to look over your new tire selections and see whether they require these rings or not. 


Wheel Installation

The wheel installation kit is going to be based on your actual, specific vehicle, being matched up to the wheel and rim. Having it align with your wheel will ensure that the products are a proper fit for your vehicle. Depending on your vehicle and it’s specific tire nuts and bolts, you’ll want to take into consideration all the pieces that go into bolting your tires: lug nuts and bolts, locking lug nuts, size and thread pitch of the lug nuts, lug nut seat and the wheel or rim seat. Locking lug nuts will have a cut out on them and will require a key to be removed. The key is typically found within the spare tire kit or in the glove box. The thread pitch of the lug nuts will help you determine what size they are, and most aftermarket tires will require the use of different lug nuts to match the seat of the new wheel. There are three major lug nut types: conical tapered, ball radius and flat seat. Make sure to do your research on which ones will be included in your wheel kits and verify the sizes yourself. Not having the proper lug nuts can mean serious damage to your car and cause issues down the road, like slowly loosening lug nuts. 


Which Kit Do I Need?

If you aren’t completely sure which wheel installation kit you need, there are a few options for you. If you haven’t bought the tires yet, you can most likely include the necessary wheel kit with your purchase, and it will include all the specifics to your selected tires. If you have already purchased your tires and don’t know the specifics of their lug nuts and other necessary parts, talking with an auto mechanic or other trained professional in the car industry will help you determine what sizes and kits are right for you and your vehicle. A lot of wheel kits are available in a variety of colors and finishes to best suit your style and preferences. And once you have your installation kit picked and ready for your specific vehicle, it’s time to upgrade to new wheel skins and accessories to finish your car’s look and style!


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Do you need help in picking out the right wheel installation kit? Sam the Hubcap Man can help! Located in sunny Florida, we know all things about cars and can help you determine the best kit for your new aftermarket tires. We also have a wide selection of wheel skins, covers, and hubcaps for a plethora of car make and models. Call or visit us today!

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