The wheel cover and hubcap are essential parts of a tire. They are often associated with components found on a vehicle’s wheel tire. A wheel cover is an outer metal or plastic disk that covers the entire face of the wheel, most times with the aid of a bolt or snap. They serve as accessories to the wheels of the cars.

On the other hand, a hub cap is a central part covering the wheel’s center portion. It protects the central part, called the hub, from accumulating dirt and moisture. The wheel cover and hubcap are essential accessories to the car wheel. Furthermore, they function as a wheel decoration, giving a shiny, classy, attractive appeal. The wheel cover and hubcap function is interwoven; no one can work without using the other. Hence, they are required accessories worthy of notice.

They are often confused together because they are synonymous in use. However, it is logical to believe that each accessory plays a significant role in the make-up of a wheel. This article highlights the key differences between a wheel cover and a hub cap regarding their function, material, and placement.



The hubcap is made from metal and plastic, while steel or aluminum is used to produce wheel covers.



The hubcap is the central cup covering the “wheel hub.” It is mainly found in old model cars like big trucks.

The wheel cover, unlike the hubcap, is the outer circular component that covers the entire diameter of the wheel rim. Interestingly, due to the advancement in technology, the use of a hubcap is gradually reducing because the latest designs of car wheels come with a fused wheel cover and hubcap.



The hubcap accessory function prevents dirt and moisture from gaining access to the tire. In addition, it stores the lubrication and grease needed to keep the car tires running smoothly and soundly. On the other hand, the wheel covers protect the tires and wheel rims from direct contact with sunlight. It also seals the tire firmly to the wheel. Furthermore, they protect the tires from UV damage that may occur as a result of excessive parking under direct sunlight.


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