Your car tire tread is an essential aspect of the tires. When the tire tread depth is vibrant, you will enjoy the spin and experience little or no problem when driving.

New tire tread depth averages 8-9 millimeters, 10/32-11/32 inches. It is usual for your tire tread to become shallow gradually and for your tire’s ability to change. However, if these changes happen sooner than expected, it is essential to look at your tire tread depth when purchasing one. Your tire tread depth will determine how long your tire will last.


Why Tire Tread Matters

Little tire tread can make driving unsafe and dangerous. A driver might lose control of their car when driving on a wet and snowy road if the tires can’t grip the road.

The tire tread depth is vital when moisture gets between your tire and the road. You will need the tire tread to cut through it and keep contact with the road’s surface.

The shallower your tire tread, the easier it is to lose traction when driving in a wet or snowy environment.


How Long Should Tire Tread Last

When shopping for new car tires, you may often see a specification in a three-digit number known as treadwear ratings.

The treadwear ratings are a rough estimation of how soft and sticky the tire’s rubber is. The treadwear ratings are not exactly science, and they vary by car tire manufacturer. However, they are an excellent way to determine the grip and safety of car tires and how long your tires will last with little or no maintenance.

An average tire tread should last between 3-6years. A good treadwear number is 500-600+. If the treadwear rating is high, the tire will last long.


How Do You Know When To Replace Your Tires

If you notice any of the signs below, then you will know it is time to reach your car tires as soon as possible:


Noise While Driving

When your car tire begins to wear out, they tend to start vibrating, and you will feel the vibration on your car seats or even your car steering wheel. If this continues, ensure that your technician takes a look at your tires.


Tread Depth Running Low

If your tire treads are running low, your car will lose traction, and your driving will not be the same, which might cause tire accidents. You can use the toonie guide to check your tread depth.


How To Check The Depth Of Your Tire Tread 

When it comes to tire tread, learning how to check the tread depth is the best way to help you know if it is time to replace your car tire or if they are safe for another season.


How To Check Your Car Tire Using A Toonie: A Step By Step Guide

  •     Input the outside edge of the toonie in your tire tread
  •     If the toonie reaches across the silver, your tire treads are 50% worn out
  •     If it gets only about halfway into your tire treads, it is time to shop for a new car tires


Ready For A New Tires?

When it comes to purchasing car tires and fixing rims and wheels in Florida, you want a company you can rely on to provide you with the best services.

Bring your vehicle to us at Sam The Hubcap Man, we can examine the condition of your tires, and if they require replacement, we will help you pick the right one to get your car back on the road and get it moving smoothly. Contact us today!

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