If you’ve been car searching and looking for an upgrade in models, you may notice one detail that’s missing from a lot of newer cars: a spare tire. With many new cars excluding this tire and instead opting for tire inflator kits which they boast make a spare unnecessary, you may still be wondering whether it’s worth having a spare just in case? Continue reading to gain a little more insight into whether you need extra tire coverage. Sam the Hubcap Man has locations all throughout Florida and can also assist you with select hubcaps for sale, including 14” to 18” wheel covers and skins. 


Don’t Wait!

Even though car manufacturers may be eliminating a spare from their inventory into their new cars, it doesn’t mean they aren’t still completely necessary. There may be instances when your tires suffer a puncture or are slowly leaking air, in which case some patching and fillers will do the trick until you can get into a repair shop. But not every tire injury will result in a quick fix, and most often, tires will deflate quickly, necessitating the use of a spare tire. You should always have a spare in your car in case of emergency, as you don’t want to be left stranded, potentially in a very remote or rural location, with no way to get back into a city or town. Having a spare will guarantee that no matter what happens to your tires while driving, you’re protected and ready for anything. Many people make the mistake of waiting to buy a spare, but that often comes too little too late, and then you’re stuck on the road for a chunk of time, waiting for roadside assistance. Always be prepared for what might happen on the road, and that includes having a spare in the trunk.


Spare Tire Types

If you are in the market for a new spare, there are multiple types to give you more flexibility, depending on the size of your car and how much you want to spend. If you want full protection for whatever the day may bring, there are full size tires you can use as a spare. They are a replica of a regular tire, and can be used alongside your other three with no issues, just remember to have regular tire rotations to keep them all fit and even. A full size spare offers all the same advantages to a regular tire, and the only downside to having one on hand is the space it will use up in your car. A full size temporary tire, on the other hand, fits to your regular tire’s dimensions but is not the same in terms of tread depth and weight. A full size temporary spare is just that, as it’s made to at least be the same size as your regular tires but only for temporary use, as these tires are going to be lighter and less durable. 


A compact or donut spare is only for temporary use, just to get you back onto the road and to the nearest shop to get your regular tire taken care of. They are small and narrow tires, which help to take up less space in your car. The tires themselves have a shallow tread depth, only allowing for a low amount of miles to be driven on in case of emergency and that’s basically it. There are also folding or collapsible spares that can save you even more space in your trunk, if need be. They will need to be inflated prior to use, and still only used as a quick, temporary tire to get you to safety. 


Always Ready

No matter what spare you choose to go with, you will have peace of mind that your car and yourself will be protected in case of any kind of tire emergency. Remember to keep driving to a minimum on a spare, no more than fifty miles, and always stop at the closest auto repair shop to get your tires taken care of as soon as possible. Regularly check your spare as well for any signs of damage before you hit the road on any trips, as it may suffer some damage from previous use that you were unaware of. And now with your new tire fully equipped, it might be time to find some hubcaps for sale to make sure your fourth, new wheel matches the rest. 


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Are you ready to hit the road this summer? Make sure your car is in tip top shape before your excursion, and that includes having a spare tire on hand and matching wheels. Sam the Hubcap Man in Florida has durable and high quality hubcaps for sale in a wide range of wheel sizes. We also offer custom wheels, chrome grills and handles, and accessories for all of your car’s needs. Call us today!

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