When you are driving on the road sometimes you may hit the curb or a pothole and it could damage your wheel-cover or new rims. It can be definitely frustrating when this happens, thankfully rim scratch repair offers lots of options when it comes to repairing rims.

Cars are expensive to manage mainly because unplanned and unexpected accidents can cost a fortune besides the expected gas and service charges. Car rims can be scratched by merely driving on rough roads.

Here is what you should do after your car rims get scratched.


How To Fix Scratched Rims

Start By Inspecting And Assessing The Damage

The wheel scratch repair will take at most 2 days, so you don’t have to worry. The first step to repairing your scratched car rims is to inspect the extent of the damage.

Knowing how much damage your car has encountered allows you to know what to use and estimate how long it will take.


Sand Down The Wheel 

You cannot repair just one part of the wheel that is damaged; you have to repair the whole wheel so that the wheel will look as good as new after the repair.

You can use dry sandpaper, sanding down the entire surface of the wheel, especially over the scratches on the rims to fix scratched rims. Rinse off the scraps to prepare them for the next step.


Fix Scratched Rims

Begin the treatment process after sanding down the entire wheel, and more vigorously on the extreme areas. The treatment includes the use of polyester and the finishing filler.

Ensure that the rim scratches are not visible and noticeable after this process. Leave it out for half an hour to an hour to dry. Ensure that it is dry to the touch before going to the next step.


Go Over The Treated Areas again

Sand down the entire wheel, ensuring every part looks uniform. You should not see any scratches or irregularities at this point. Every part should be well sanded to prepare for the layers of primer coats.


Apply The Primer Coats

Rim paint repair requires layers of primer. Dust off any debris from the sanding process and apply the primer uniformly all over the wheel. This layer covers the raw wheel; therefore, making sure it is thin to dry fast, for around 20 minutes or less.

After confirming that the primer is dry, apply a second and last layer of primer. This time ensures it is perfect, even application, and there are no noticeable disparities between the damaged and undamaged areas. Let the primer dry for another 20 minutes.


The Paint coat

The third coat you will apply on your car rims is the silver coat or a color that resembles your desired or previous car rim color. Spray the car rims and let the paint dry for about an hour. Apply up to 3 coats and let it dry.


The Shiny Clear Coat

This is the last step for your rim scuff repair. After making sure that the paint is dry, apply the last coat to restore the shine on your rims. Leave the car rims to dry for about a day, and your car rims are ready to go.

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