When did you check your tires last? We bet you can’t recall. Many people rarely inspect their tires until there’s an issue. While your tires may appear in good condition, some problems could lurk around. You never can tell; you might need a new tire tread depth. Guess you’re probably wondering, when should you change your tires? What’s the indicator for a tire replacement? This blog article provides a guide for a better understanding of tire replacement and when to replace your tires.

Measuring new tire tread depth

Tread depth and manufacture date are two factors that determine when your tires are due for a change. Typically, new tire tread depth ranges from 9/32″ to 11/32″. Tire tread helps give tires a firm grip on the road to improve traction. It also prevents skidding on wet roads. A tire with a tread depth of 2/32″ is considered unsafe and worn out. If you want to confirm if your tires need replacement, you might want to verify from a change tire service near me. Alternatively, you can use the penny test method or a tread depth gauge to check new tire tread depth.


When should you replace your tires?

Unlike air filters and motor oil that have replacement schedules, replacing your tires depends on factors that impact when to replace them.

  • Age of tires: Environmental conditions like pollution, exposure to sunlight, or chemicals contribute to the aging of tires. Furthermore, mileage and storage conditions can cause a tire to wear out. According to tire manufacturers, tires should be replaced after six years. If you need help determining the age of your tires, a change tire service near me can inspect your tires for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Vibration: You’ll likely feel a vibration in the steering wheel of your tires when the suspension is poorly aligned. This can cause your tires to wear hence the need to visit a tire change service in Tampa, FL, for repair.
  • Bulges: Hitting your car on a curb or hard surface can cause a bulge on the sidewall of your tire. The sidewall is the smooth, vertical area on the side of the tire. A bulging tire that isn’t changed can explode while driving on the highway.
  • Stuck nails or stones: If a nail or stones lodges in your tire, you’ll need to replace it immediately. You don’t have to wait till it starts leaking before searching on the internet for a change tire service near me. Failure to take the necessary steps can cause blowouts.
  • Skidding: Typically, tires need to grip the road for traction. When tires are worn, they can cause skidding, especially on wet roads. Tire change service Tampa, FL recommends tire replacement when this happens.
  • Seasonal changes: Some tires are specifically designed for summer or winter. Summer tires lose their grip during winter. In the same vein, winter tires can become inflexible in the summer. Choosing replacement tires for seasons can be an arduous task. However, Sam The Hubcap man can take the stress off you.


Looking for a Change tire service near Me

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