Here at Sam the Hubcap Man, we want to tell you everything about sanitizing modified cars. We understand how important it is to sanitize and wipe things down during this uncertain time. Sanitize everything from doorknobs, cell phones, and everything that you touch often. Your car is something that you are frequently in and out of after going in public areas, so it’s critical to properly sanitize your car. However, it’s important to keep in mind that sanitizing cars require different cleaning solutions, so you do not damage the material of your specific car. For example, someone with chrome door handles should use a different cleaning solution than someone who has a different material for their door handles. Fortunately, cleaning a car is not complicated; you just need to know the proper cleaning solutions for your personal car so you can keep it as sanitary as possible during this pandemic. Take our cleaning tips seriously, because we are the best in Florida!


How To Clean Modified Cars

You’re probably wondering what types of cleaning materials you need for chrome door handles and everything else in your car. First and foremost, we want you to know that different surfaces require different cleaning materials, so do not just wipe down your car with one cleaning solution. We are here to tell you about different materials and how to clean them properly so your car can stay sanitized. We will tell you that all parts of your interior should not be cleaned with solvents. These solvents include alcohol, acetone, and kerosene. All of these solutions may harm the material of your car no matter what it is. In terms of leather interior parts, it is actually OK to use an alcohol or detergent cleaning solution. It’s important to re-moisturize the leather after you clean it, though. You can do this with a leather conditioner. In regards to synthetic or vinyl interior parts, simply disinfect these. Just make sure that the disinfectant that you are using does not contain bleach or alcohol because these substances can damage this material.


Don’t Forget Nooks and Crannies

It’s important to not forget all of the nooks and crannies in your car. Sanitizing large parts such as the steering wheel in the seats is great. However, don’t forget things like the seatbelt, the glove compartment, and any other parts that you touch a lot, especially after being in a public place. We want to make sure that you feel confident driving, knowing that your car is as sanitary as possible.


We Want You To Stay Safe

Above all else, the reason we are so passionate about telling you how to clean your car is that we want you to stay safe, and we want you to keep others safe during COVID-19 as well. It’s important to sanitize your car from everything to chrome door handles to seatbelts. This way, you will keep yourself as clean as possible, so you have less chance of catching COVID-19.


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Sam The Hubcap Man is a team of professionals with a lot of knowledge and experience with cars. We know how to properly clean modified cars during this pandemic, and we want you to know all of the secrets as well. We also want to make sure that you are cleaning your car with the proper cleaning solutions. So call or visit us today in Florida for more cleaning tips.


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