Regular maintenance of your car and accessorizing can help you save money on future repairs, increase the car’s value, and improve its appearance. There are tons of ways to customize your ride. You can choose from a variety of different accessories for your car. Accessories enhance the appearance of your vehicle. One fantastic way of accessorizing is using side mirror covers. Side mirror covers improve the looks of your ride and protect your mirrors from dirt, rain, and snow.


Side Mirror Covers

You can install a truck mirror cover to make your car look much cooler. The installation process is pretty straightforward and does not require you to be an auto repair expert. When installing new mirror covers, you can choose from a black mirror cover, a custom mirror cover, or a chrome mirror cover. The black mirror cover is excellent for the car’s classic look. The chrome mirror cover is ideal for an elegant and classy look. The custom cover is less expensive but still gives your car a look that stands out from the rest.

How to Install a Mirror Cover?

Installing a car mirror cover on a car’s side mirrors is as easy as learning the alphabet. The ideal air temperature for installation should be 60 degrees to allow the best adhesion for the adhesive. The whole process should take you less than 15 minutes.


You need to test fit the chrome mirror cover before removing the protective film off the adhesive. You should do test fitting with all aftermarket accessories. Test fitting allows you to determine the best way to put the chrome mirror covers. Thus you can see how they will look before installing them.

Step 2-

Remove the existing chrome mirror cover from the side mirrors. With a small flat head screwdriver or a coin, pry out the clips on each end of the cover. Make sure you do not break the clips when you are removing them.

Step 3-

After test fitting and removing the existing mirror cover, you can remove the adhesive backing.

Step 4-

After that, you should carefully align your replacement cover so that it fits into the slots of your car’s mirrors. Make sure that both ends of the cover fit in smoothly, without gaps or overlaps. Ensure that it adheres perfectly to the mirror by pressing firmly into place. While installing, ensure to hold while applying pressure. From the center, remove any bubbles trapped under the adhesive.

Step 5-

Lower your side mirrors to make them horizontal again and test the mirror for proper operation. Then polish your mirror covers and enjoy the new beautiful look. You will repeat this process for the other mirror.

Get Your New Mirror Covers Today

It’s a great idea to install a car mirror cover. A mirror cover is not only easy to install but also cost-effective. Installing the chrome mirror covers on your car is not only going to improve the look of your vehicle. A mirror cover protects your car’s mirror from being scratched and enhances the exterior appearance of your car. Try them today; you will not regret it. 

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