Are you struggling to find the right size hubcaps for your vehicle? Not quite sure how to search for hubcaps near me and get great results? Let alone trying to narrow down selections of black hubcaps? Here at Sam the Hubcap Man, we have a wide variety of chrome handles, wheel covers and of course, hubcaps! Located in Florida, we’ve been helping drivers like you maintaining your car both inside and out.  


The Basics of Hubcaps

Before you fully purchase a hubcap, ensure you know it’s the product you want overall. There is some confusion in the world as to what constitutes a hubcap versus a wheel cover, for instance, and making sure you have the right idea in mind will help you big time. Hubcaps are the small, metal, basic coverings on the center of your wheel to protect your tires “innards” while also keeping the tires sleek and properly oiled up while you drive. A wheel cover is usually more decorative, made of metal or plastic that snaps onto your tire and covers the whole face of the wheel. 


Finding Great Hubcaps Near Me

If you know you want black hubcaps and are now ready to shop, what’s the next step? You’ll want to confirm that you have the right size for your tires. Just like all the different models of cars, there are hundreds of varying tire sizes, so be sure you have the correct one for your set. 


One easy and fast way to verify your tire size is to look at the tire itself. On every tire there is a series of numbers and letters, so start by finding that on any one of your four tires. This number/letter combo actually defines the exact size and type of your tire. Once you locate this, look towards the end of the series for the letter “R”, followed by a set of numbers, such as 14, 15, etc. The number right after the “R” is the tire size you have, thus if it says R15, your tires are 15”. 


Now that you have the specifics ready, it’s time to do some shopping. Most hubcaps are interchangeable as long as you keep within the same tire size. You may feel that metal hubcaps are the way to go no matter what. And while they do have a lot of great benefits, including being stronger than plastic, they are also heavier and can become loose while you’re driving. Metal hubcaps can protect your wheel better than plastic though, so if you’re driving a lot, especially on highways, they may be worth the hefty price. Plastic hubcaps are very durable and are a lot lighter than metal. They are also significantly cheaper than metal while still providing a lot of protection. They may not have as much longevity as metal hubcaps, but will hold up relatively well in regular wear and tear, and in some smaller impact accidents. 


Narrowing Down Your Search

It might be a little overwhelming looking over all the different hubcaps out there. Even if you had an idea of what you wanted, like black hubcaps, once you start browsing all the online options and selections, it can be a little overboard. Remember to narrow down your search by tire size, and if you have a specific color or look in mind, that can help you as well. Figuring out whether you’d like metal or plastic can lighten the selection available to you too. 


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Ready to find that perfect set of hubcaps? While you can search for hubcaps near me, Sam the Hubcap Man has a wide selection of hubcaps available right now. Located in Florida, they can ship online as well, offering you a great shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. Call or check us out online today! 

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