With wheel skins, hubcaps and wheel covers, all the terms may confuse even an expert on cars. Although used interchangeably on occasion, there are some differences between the terms and what that means for the type of cover you’re looking for with your car. Sam the Hubcap Man in Florida can help you search for the right wheel cover the first time, leaving you more time for cruising. 


What’s The Difference?

Wheel cover caps are typically the smaller wheel cover that only encases the middle of your tire, protecting the interior and lug nuts from damage while driving. Hubcaps can also be similar to wheel cover caps in that they only cover a small section, but are oftentimes more alike to wheel covers. Wheel covers are the molded covers that fit over your existing steel rims to enhance the appearance of the painted steel rims. Thus, these two are typically used interchangeably, but you’ll want to ensure if you’re searching for hubcaps, that it includes dimensions or references covering the entire wheel as opposed to just covering the middle section. Wheel skins are covers that perfectly fit over your steel wheel, giving it the appearance of a brand new set of wheel covers. Wheel skins have a more unique clipping system to ensure they don’t fall off, but are also made exclusively to fit a factory styled steel wheel or silver alloy wheel for a specific make, model or year of a vehicle. They are not a universal fit like wheel covers, so be sure to do your research on them and confirm they will fit the exact style of wheels of your vehicle. 


Questions On Hubcaps and Wheel Covers

One common question that comes up is whether you can purchase bolt-on covers for your vehicle, and unfortunately, they are only available on very few makes and models of cars. The majority of cars today utilize a wire retention type system, which works very well. Another common question is if you lose a hubcap, do you have to replace it with an original equipment part from the dealer? And thankfully, the answer is no, you don’t have to seek an OEM (original equipment manufacture) part, as many replica factory wheel covers are available. These replicas will look drastically similar to your originals, but also come at a much less expensive cost than OEM parts. That being said, if you were looking for aftermarket hubcaps with the original factory emblem, you’re out of luck. Any hubcap that’s aftermarket, no matter the manufacturing company, cannot be sold with the original equipment trademarks. If you really want the original emblem or trademark, you’ll have to shop for original equipment parts.      


How To Determine Tire Size

You may already know your tire size right from the start, but it’s always a good idea to confirm. Many different types and manufacturers will make interchangeable covers and skins for wheels, as long as the size is the same. So you can get whatever style and brand you want, even if it’s completely different from the make and model of your car, but if you get the wrong size, you’ll be in trouble. Look at one of your tires and find a series of numbers and letters on it, which defines the exact type and size tire you have. Towards the end of this series is the letter R, followed by two numbers. These two numbers are going to be your hubcap or trim size. So if you read your tire and see R16, then you will want to look for 16 inch hubcaps. Pretty easy, huh? 


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