Hubcaps are essential parts of our vehicles as they prevent the accumulation of debris or dirt in the tires, which can result in damage and reduce the longevity of the tire. However, not all hubcaps are created equal – there are a wide range of hubcap sizes, and it’s important to ensure that you have the right one.


Hubcap Sizes

The size of your hubcaps isn’t actually determined by the size of your car’s wheels – it’s determined by the size of your tires. Every tire made in the United States has a series of letters and numbers stamped on it that helps track what type of tire it is. Your hubcap measurement is the number that comes after the “R” in every tire code.


Why Do You Need Hubcaps On Your Car?

Many people believe that hubcaps are unnecessary. However, adding hubcaps on each of your car’s tires increases their lifespan. Hubcaps are designed to keep dirt and debris from damaging your wheel; they’ve existed since we all used carriages to get around!

Hubcaps also protect your wheel’s bolts and nuts from corrosion and rusting. This way, you can change your tires effortlessly whenever the need arises, and when it comes to replacing the old tires, it means an easier time for you!


Maintaining Your Hubcaps

  1. Avoid taking your hubcaps off unless it is necessary. The habit may break the clips.
  2. During replacements or rotations, it is best to remove them carefully. While the hubcap cushions your tires from all kinds of foreign materials, they are susceptible.


Hubcaps or rims?

If your current automobile is the second or third, you probably know the differences. One thing is for sure; no car lacks rims. For the hubcaps, that’s a personal choice for car owners. Rims are the outer edge of the tires and appear to meet the wheel, while the hubcaps are on the inner side.

When it comes to making changes, hubcaps require no particular expertise, and anyone can do it due to no need for a wheel change. As for rims, installing and changing them requires heavy equipment. It’s no wonder hubcaps keep increasing in popularity.

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