An auto accident may leave your automobile with no necessary repairs, or at least that’s what we think. A hubcap repair is as crucial as restoring the windshield, bumper, hood, or trunk. For starters, those hubcaps are probably the reason your wheels aren’t damaged. Secondly, they safeguard the lug nuts and keep your tires clean from debris and dirt, so don’t ignore a hubcap repair!


Do you need a hubcap repair?

With years of valuable services, your hubcaps may finally be ready to pass over the responsibility due to wear and tear. You may hear rattling noises, or the hubcap may exhibit signs of pulling away from the wheel.


Repairing a damaged hubcap

Scratched hubcap

Applying a coat of paint to your hubcap will get rid of the scratches.

  • Separate the wheel cover from the vehicle.
  • Use soap and water to wash the wheel cover.
  • Employ 600-grit sandpaper to sand any scratches or rust carefully.
  • Rewash the cover with soapy water to get rid of sand residue.
  • Select a well-ventilated position and place the wheel cover on some newspaper sheets.
  • Spray the hubcap with primer in side to side and back to front patterns.
  • Ensure the primer is dry before coating the wheel cover with paint.
  • Finally, spray the cover with a clear coating, preferably two or there, while allowing the coats to dry in between.

Bent hubcap

If your clips are entirely broken, a replacement is ideal. If they are simply bent, consider the following:

  • You will need a blow dryer and a terry cloth.
  • On the retention ring, disassemble the clips that are close to the bent hubcap.
  • Turn the blow dryer on high heat, and put it close to the bent hubcap.
  • Touch to check if the plastic is soft enough and straighten the clips. Use the terry cloth to avoid burning your hands.
  • Snap the straightened clip back to place, together with the other hubcaps.


Hubcap replacement

As mentioned earlier, completely broken hubcaps require replacements as they could fall off anywhere. There are three types of hubcaps, namely, pop-on caps, screw-on caps, and bolt-on caps. Replacing the hubcaps presents the alternatives below:

  1. Based on the model, contact the local car dealer to order a replacement of the original. It is pretty costly, but it will match the other hubcaps in appearance.
  2. Visit a local hubcap store near you. They may have a matching hubcap in their stock.
  3. A local shop with car parts may have aftermarket hubcaps in a set.
  4. Search for online stores that can make deliveries.

The first choice can be costly, making it unpopular for many. The third alternative is very affordable, costing between $60 to $120 while ensuring all the caps speak one language. Besides, they can fit any standard-sized wheels. The fourth option allows you to sit at the comfort of your home as the hubcaps locate you!

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