If you need to replace a scraped or dinged hubcap, knowing how to take off hubcaps will come in handy. There are several methods used to remove the rim covers, chrome hubcaps, and spinner hubcaps.

  1. Prepare the car

Start by pulling up the e-brake and parking the car on a flat and level ground. You’ll be working on the wheels, so make sure they can’t roll.

  1. Remove the lug nuts

Then, turn one of the lug nuts counterclockwise using a lug wrench to loosen it. The lug nuts are usually hexagonal-shaped and have small screws that hold the car’s tire. This will take some effort on your part as the lug nuts are super tight.

When you get one loose, then unscrew it using your hand. If you struggle, you should apply some pressure using the wrench and your foot to get them off.

The lug wrench is the one that looks like a crowbar and has a circular hole. This is in the trunk of your car, and you must ensure that you have one if you cannot find it. These are needed for changing tires.

Take three lug nuts from the hubcap and then keep two on the opposite side of the tire. The lug nuts are used for holding both the hubcap and the wheel on, and because you do not want the whole thing to come off, you must take care to keep the lug nuts in a safe place not to lose them.

If you happen to have five lug nuts, take two off next to each other and then one on the opposite side.

  1. Remove the plastic washers and the hubcap itself.

Underneath the lug nuts, you’ll find plastic washers that separate them from the hubcap. Remove these and set them aside, because you’ll need them later. Remove the hubcap from the vehicle and set it aside.

  1. Place the new hubcap

Place the new hubcap on the bolts so you can replace the two lug nuts. There should be a small cut-out that will need to fit over the tire valve. Line this up and slide the new hubcap on to tighten it on the two nuts.

Tighten them by hand if you like, and do not worry about achieving complete tightness for now.

Then remove the first three lug nuts, push the washers back on, and then screw them in. Tighten them around with your hand, so the tire is back where it started. You can easily slip the washers over the section.

Finally, tighten the lug nuts with the crowbar so it can be tightly fit.

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