It’s time to get your wheel a decorative cover. But you are faced with a question: “How to find out the correct size of my wheel cover?” Well, if you are here to find the answer to that question, we’ve got you covered at Sam the Hubcap Man. We’ve provided this guide to help you find your hubcap dimensions. Also, if you are searching for hubcaps online, we are home to the best hubcaps that will add additional attractiveness to your car.

How To Find Out The Correct Size Of My Wheel Cover?

While many vehicle owners attempt to measure their wheel cover by checking their vehicle’s manual, you can identify hubcap size by simply looking at your tire. When checking the tires, there are a series of letters and number combinations you’ll find. They usually start with either LT or P. The letter at the beginning depends on the size of the tire you have. Looking more closely at that number, you’ll find another dimension of the tire represented with R and then finally a pair of numbers. Here is an example:

Let’s say you find P225/ 70 R 16 on your tire. What it simply means is that your wheel cover is 16 inches. So, whatever number you find behind the letter R is always your wheel cover size. Glad you now know how to find out the size of your wheel cover. But before you hit an offline and online store, let’s briefly highlight two vital questions!

Can I Get Metal Wheel Covers? 

If you aim to purchase metal hubcaps, you’ll have a hard time getting one. Most wheel covers today are made with plastic and not metal. Even if you aren’t on a budget, you will discover that the metal wheel covers you find are expensive. So, when heading out for a wheel cover, be ready to pick up plastic ones. The plastic used in the making of modern wheel covers is high-tech. Thus, you can be sure of wheel covers that are strong and durable!

Keep This In Mind

The plastic wheel covers you’ll find in the market today aren’t of the same quality. That means they aren’t created equally and are available in varying grades. When quality is a keen factor, this will be a significant concern. There are professional grades and consumer grades. While there is nothing wrong with consumer-grade, you’ve got to be sure that a dealer has the best ones. Okay, at this point, here’s how we plan to come to your aid: At Sam the Hubcap Man, we offer only durable and top-notch wheel covers. We stand by every product we sell. Now, what’s next?

Contact Us 

If you’ve found the answer to your question: “How to find out the correct size of my wheel cover?” Then, speak with professionals at Sam the Hubcap Man for durable and high-quality wheel covers. We’ve got the best offers for you. To explore our vast array of selections, make sure you contact us now! 

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