Maintaining that good-as-new look on your wheels can be challenging, especially if adverse weather conditions and other unfavorable circumstances threaten to ruin their beauty. Still, dented rims go beyond the outlook of your car and pose a safety risk. Damaged wheels cause vibrations that affect your steering, tires, and suspension. Your driving skills may help minimize the damage on wheels, but not entirely. It is based on the rim size. While taking your car to a professional mechanic is always best, we have a few instructions for repairs.


Have Dented Rims? What To Do

Buying new rims can be a costly bargain that you are not willing to trade for. Dented alloy is not odd since the alloy is primarily a soft metal, and, therefore, it doesn’t need the strongest of impacts to bend. The good news is your wheel’s fate is not sealed there. You can do something to turn them back.

Alloy can be effortlessly fixed, although there is a risk of damage. Below is what you should do.

  • Locate the bends or dents on the internal part of your rim. Take out your wheels or roll them for easy identification.
  • Have the tools ready? Get yourself a blow torch, dead blow hammer, and a woodblock. Wood curved like your wheel is always ideal.
  • Use the blow torch to heat your bend on the wheel. There is a thin line between overheating and heating it right. The former gets your tire too hot.
  • Place the block over the bend.
  • Finally, hammer the top of the piece of wood on your wheel to bend it back. Not successful? Remove the wood to hammer the wheel directly. Avoid hammering too hard as it could crack your rims.


Process Of Having Your Rim Restored By Professionals

Assessment of your wheel. Truth be told that not every dented wheel can be refinished or realigned. Besides, your vehicle is a great investment that needs special attention for a tip-top condition. Your auto car dealer shop will examine your wheels to determine the extent of damage and what can be done.

You can proceed to book an appointment or let them come and pick up your dented wheel. The tire is separated from the wheel and mounted on the straightening machine. The damaged area is located for the heating process. After attaining the required temperatures, the bend is straightened slowly with wheel dollies. The wheel is also checked out regarding safety on the road, including pressure testing and the entire structure.

Restoring the cosmetic look of your wheel and handling surface corrosion may only need sanding and stripping of the paint. Refinishing may last up to an hour only in most cases.

When is the damage too extensive for repairs? Once you notice a bent center hub or cracks in the middle of the rim. Also, keep in mind that aluminum wheels may require repairs up to three times because the heating and cooling procedures make them frail for extensive reconditioning. On the other hand, steel is easily fixable, but restoring it to a good, new look is almost impossible.

Wish to fix dented rims? Dented rims can cause more problems if not addressed early. If buying new rims is not feasible, get your handyman skills to use. Or opt for the safest option by involving an automobile mechanic shop for the best results. They should be experienced and trained in handling rims and wheels and have a credible portfolio to ensure your investment is in safe hands.

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