You may be doing research on some new upgrades to your car, and wonder whether your vehicle has hubcaps or wheel covers. What are the differences between the two? Which one is the better choice for your car wheels? Here at Sam the Hubcap Man in Florida, we have all your tire upkeep needs like tire rotation and installation, nitrogen services, and a wide variety of custom wheels and accessories, including 15 inch wheel covers.  


Hubcaps Vs. Wheel Covers

First things first, just what is the difference between these two, and are they interchangeable? You may know the word hubcaps, which are basically small cups that fit tightly over the wheel hub. This area holds the wheel bearings, so the hubcap is essentially protecting this area from any dirt or moisture from entering, while also holding in the lubrication and grease to keep the wheel running smoothly. They’re most often found in older cars and big trucks, as the wheel hubs in newer cars are now a sealed assembly, eliminating the need for hubcaps. 


So, more likely than not you’re going to be looking at wheel covers for your car instead; but within wheel covers are a few other choices to pick from. There are painted, chrome or alloy wheels as a choice, which are a more expensive option in the wheel cover selection. Using painted, chrome or alloy definitely gives your car a classy, shiny edge, but does require a lot of upkeep and maintenance as the aftermarket covers can corrode easily. 


There’s also the wheel skin, which fits directly over your factory wheels. Wheel skins are for a specific make and model of car, so they can jazz up the factory tires with a little shine and will fit properly no matter what. But you do need to ensure you’re ordering for all the right dimensions and specifications of your vehicle, otherwise the skins won’t fit.


Wheel covers can also be brand-specific or custom fit, depending on the look you want and what’s available for your car of choice. They are available in chrome, silver, or painted your favorite color if you want. Wheel covers are lower maintenance, too, as well as durable and flexible. They can easily be traded out for a new design of your choice as well, so you’re able to keep your car fresh and stylish. 


Car Wheels

Now that you know the difference between hubcaps and wheel covers, you may now want to go cover shopping. Do you know what specifications you need to get the right cover? The last thing you want to do is order 13 inch wheel covers when you need 15 inch wheel covers. You may know your wheel size as well as your own shoe size, but if your car is a little older and you’re scratching your head, here’s a quick trick in finding the info fast so you can start shopping! 


Start by getting in front of your vehicle, then search your tire for a series of 9 letters and numbers down the side. This set of letters and numbers should start with “P”, and once you’ve located it, go towards the end where there should be a “R”, followed by two numbers. These last two numbers are your wheel size, and now you’re free to find the right sized wheel covers of your choice!


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