Spending more time at home can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the opportunity to work from home opens up more time to spend with your significant other, your kids, or if you’re single you can use the time to cultivate a new hobby. Also, if you were using your vehicle to commute to work before you’re saving money on gas and subjecting your car to less daily wear and tear now that it sits idly in the driveway. Before letting too much dust collect on those 15in wheel covers, the experts at Sam the Hubcap Man want to send out a reminder that it’s imperative to take your ride for a routine spin a few times a week. The following are a few reasons that our Florida customers should follow this advice from a car parts dealer who knows best. 

The Battery and Other Parts

If you leave your vehicle outside long enough without staring up the engine, your battery will eventually deplete. Every time you drive, the alternator is charging your car’s battery. When you go long periods of time without driving the charge will fade until it’s completely inoperable. We recommend taking a 15 to 20 minute drive every week to keep your battery in tip top shape in the event you need to get somewhere fast. Weekly joyrides will also keep the other various components in the engine and transmission fully lubricated. Even things like your brake line can be affected without proper lubrication, so take that drive!

Pests Take Up Residence 

Leave your car in one spot too long and a family of raccoons, rats, or a wasp nest will inevitably take up residence under the hood, in the undercarriage, or beneath those precious 15 inch wheel covers. When you take the car out driving, you disturb any habitat that may have begun to form. If you live in an area where rodents are more prominent, we advise using traps around the tires or exhaust to prevent the extensive damage that rodent dwelling can cause. 

Driving Is Good For Your Mental Health 

Being at home more has allowed us all to spend more time with those we love, but there’s only so much time you can be around the same people before they start to drive you nuts. Before your home becomes the setting for a sequel to The Shining, go kick off your wheel covers and go for a 15 minute drive. Subject your senses to some fresh air and scenery and you’ll feel reinvigorated. Even if you live alone, it’s important to change up your daily routine to fend off depression and loneliness. 

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Millions of us are stuck at home working or taking care of our loved ones. While this is a great opportunity to reinvigorate family ties or friendships, it’s important to not neglect your four-wheeled friend in the driveway. Sam the Hubcap Man recommends you take the car out for a ride for at least 20 minutes a week to keep the pests at bay and your battery charged. Not to mention it’s good for your own sanity to get out of the house every now and then. For more tips from a reliable car parts dealer in Florida, contact us today!

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