Now that you have your dream car, odds are you’re going to want to keep it in great condition. Here are some tips to keep it in top condition. Sam the Hubcap Man provides these tips to keep your car maintenance in excellent condition while in Florida.

Car Maintenance Tips

  • While you’re still in the break-in period, up to the first 1,000 miles, it’s best to keep your speed just under 55mph. Or the speed written down by the manufacturer. 
  • Avoid heavy loads, such as towing trailers or adding a roof rack with heavy materials.
  • Do not let your car idle for any length of time. The oil pressure generated won’t send oil to every part of your engine.
  • Keeping the engine below 3,000 rpms for the first few hours your driving will help.

Using these tips will help you be considerate to your vehicle, even after your break it in after 1000 miles. Use care every day and your reward will be having a car with fewer repairs at longer intervals. 

  • Do not race the engine while you start it. This will add years of wear and tear onto your engine, most especially if it’s cold outside. 
  • Go slowly when you first begin your drive. The most wear and tear happens within the first 10 minutes of operation.
  • If you’re warming the engine or letting it be idle in the driveway is not good for your engine. It does not work at peak temperature, it only results in fuel combustion, soot deposits, oil contamination, and damaged components. 
  • Whether you have an automatic or transmission, shift into neutral at red lights. The engine is still pushing to work while you have the break on.
  • Extend the life of your tires by observing the speed limits and avoiding debris in the road. Avoid potholes or running over curbs. 
  • When you turn your steering wheel, avoid extreme positions, left or right. This can damage the power-steering pump.

Buy Gas At Quality Stations

If you’re wondering if the gas you buy is quality, ask if the gas is filtered at the pump, or if the station has a policy about changing the filters regularly. Some gas stations do not have pump filters, which means the gas is vulnerable to getting dirty. Some stations may mix alcohol and fuel properly or water down their product. Whatever you choose, make sure you can trust it.

If you also happen to see the gasoline tanker filling the tanks at your gas station, come back or go a different day. As the tanks are getting filled again, the turbulence will stir up sediment. This can clog your fuel filters and injectors, which causes poor performance.

Make Your Car Last Longer

Taking care of car maintenance can seem daunting and complex. But with these simple tricks and tips from Sam the Hubcap Man, this will help make it easier. When you’re In Florida, don’t let your car idle or get carried away with speed. Save your car repairs with longer intervals with care. Call us today for more information on how to treat your car.

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