If you ever have to replace a tire, someone may ask if you want new car hubcaps or rims. You may not know the first thing about cars and not even realize there’s a difference between rims and hubcaps. Luckily your friend Sam The HubCap Man is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you with your hubcap needs. So if you’re here to answer some questions or you’re in search of hubcaps for sale in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. 

Understanding The Difference

The rims on a car are the round metal plates that connect to your tire and car. The hubcap, on the other hand, is inside of the wheel, attached to the rims. While all vehicles have rims, not all cars have or need hubcaps. A hubcap enhances the aesthetics of a car and helps prevent dirt and debris from splaching under the vehicle.

Let Us Break It Down

  • Rims are made of metal like alloy or steel. 
  • Rims are located on the outer edge of the car’s wheel.
  • The rim supports the tire by holding it to the wheel.
  • Rims require a full lift and disassembly to be removed.


  • A hubcap can be entirely for decoration and was made famous by classic cars.
  • Car hubcaps can be made of either metal or plastic.
  • Hubcaps are added to the wheel by covering the center or sometimes the entire reel. 
  • Hubcaps protect against lug-nut rust and catch them if they fall. 

Hubcaps’ practical use is why we still see them used on service trucks because they protect against dirt and damages. Changing hubcaps doesn’t require a significant amount of equipment, and it is easy to change yourself, whereas rims need heavy lifting equipment. While hubcaps became popular in the age of “classic” cars, more and more people are using wheel covers and wheel skins. 

Wheel covers cover almost the entirety of the wheel and are practically a universal size making them easy to change. Although wheel covers have gained popularity, we at Sam The Hubcap Man stay true to our hubcap roots.  

Looking For Hubcaps For Sale?

Decorative hubcaps are pretty popular because of how easy they are to install. Typically car hubcaps that come installed are cheaply made plastic that doesn’t add any decorative assets. Most car owners will replace their hubcaps if they desire a sleeker look. If you’re looking for hubcaps for sale or to replace your hubcaps but are unsure where to start, contact Sam The Hubcap Man. 

With hubcap sizes from 14-18”, we have various styles and colors to improve your cars look.  We offer sales on wheels as well and will replace your wheels and hubcaps all in one. We provide mechanic services like tire rotation, repair, installation, balancing, and more.  Our family owned business employs a well trained, experienced staff who are ready to help you! Visit our Tampa location today or give us a call! 

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