Car hubcaps, like any other human invention, are liable to get old, damaged, or become useless at one point in time. Besides reaching their life limit, car hubcaps can also fall off if not tightly placed and become damaged. Further, they are not designed with everlasting life, so you should expect a time when you will need to replace your car hubcaps.

The damage is inevitable regardless of the care a car hubcap can receive. Even though a car hubcap does not technically have an expiry date, it is advisable to change your car hubcap after using it for some number of years. You will need to do this because it might be weak, prone to damage, and even fall off while on the move.

More so, it is recommended to change your car hubcaps after an auto accident. Replacement of damaged hubcaps, including the rim covers, should be part of your auto accident repair plans.


How To Replace Car Hubcaps?

Car hubcaps require lug nuts to hold them in place of the wheel. Here are 4 easy steps to replace your car hubcaps;


Park your car on a ground level

  •   First, you must be sure of parking on a flat level and properly pulling the e-brakes. You wouldn’t want your vehicle to move while you’re down by the wheels.


Loosen the lug nuts using a wrench

  •   Turn the lug nuts in an anticlockwise direction using the lug wrench to loosen three lug nuts out of the five nuts you may have.
  •   Ensure the remaining two lug nuts are opposite each other to prevent the rim covers from falling off.
  •   Remove the plastic washers from the three lug nuts and set them aside. Then screw it back and do the same for the remaining two lug nuts.


Gently remove the hubcap

  •   Without the plastic washers on the three lug nuts and unscrewing the remaining two nuts, it will be easy to remove the hubcap gently.

Replace with the new hubcap

  •   Place the new hubcap onto the bolt hole and slightly tighten the two nuts with your hands.
  •   Then remove the three lug nuts, add the plastic washers you removed and screw them back. Repeat this step for the two lug nuts
  •   Then screw all the lug nuts properly with the lug wrench, paying attention to each of the lug nuts.

Following these steps, your new car hubcap is fixed! You can even decorate with car paint. Now that you know the replacement process, you may have searched on google using the expression “hubcaps near me” or where to get high-quality wheel covers. There is an answer for you!


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