If you’re looking to upgrade your ride with car wheel covers, getting popular finishes to your tires instead may be the way to go. Black chrome wheels are gaining popularity as they go with many different makes and models of cars and trucks, and are quite stylish. Sam the Hubcap Man serves all of Florida in getting the custom accessories and wheels they need, and everything in between. Anything from chrome handles to custom wheels, we got it and are ready to help you get it onto your ride. 


Choosing Your Wheels

With so many styles, finishes, and car wheel covers out there, making a decision on which wheel to go with can be tricky. Every wheel finish has pros and cons in their finish and what they deliver to your car’s overall style. Knowing and understanding these advantages and disadvantages ahead of time will help you determine which one will suit your style and car the best. Maintaining your car’s wheels is also a key factor in keeping the wheel’s finish clean and sleek. Keeping regular maintenance and cleaning on your car’s wheels will ensure the finish will stay and continue to compliment your car for years to come. 


Black Chrome Wheels

One of the most popular finishes for a car’s wheels is chrome. This finish is achieved by adding layers of copper, nickel, and chrome to the wheel, resulting in a very reflective and mirror-like finish. This finish is very distinctive and gives a car a certain flair and flourish, while also being a very tough finish. It is resistant to dings and scratches, and is very easy to care for, able to easily be washed and polished without any fear of scratching. Although it’s highly scratch-resistant, if it does happen to get scratched, it’s not able to be spot repaired, and would require stripping and refinishing to get back to its original shine. Chrome finishing is more expensive than other finishes, and is a heavier and thicker finish, meaning if you wanted lighter tires this might not be your ideal finish. 


Other Popular Finishes

Mirror machined wheels are similar to polished wheels but have a clear coat finish applied on top of the bare aluminum, which makes it more durable and helps to protect the finish. Mirror machined wheels have a bright shine with an added layer of protection, and are mixed with a painted or tinted finish to provide more unique accents in your car. They are lighter than chrome finished wheels, but once they are scratched or dented, they will require a new clear coat. Polish-finished wheels consist of raw aluminum which is buffed to a mirror-like sheen. Although polished wheels are cheaper and easier to repair, they are more prone to suffer scratches and dings as opposed to chrome or mirror machined wheels, and require constant upkeep to maintain their polished finish. Since aluminum has more of a porous nature, the wheels will also need to be waxed to avoid any oxidation as well after washing. One of the growing popular finishes is powder coating, which is electro-statically held to the grounded parts of the wheel. The wheels are then heated to flow the powder coating together and to cure it, resulting in a smoother and more durable finish. And it is quite durable and strong, withstanding many scratches, dings, fading, chipping, and even some chemicals. This coating is ideal in more weather conditions and extremes since the powder coating is very corrosion-resistant. No matter what finish you choose though, the ultimate decision is up to you and your personal style and wheel maintenance regimen.


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