The wheels on a car are arguably an essential part. Without wheels, even if everything else is in perfect working condition, the care is virtually useless. Keeping the wheels of your car in proper working condition is essential to the functionality of your vehicle. One of the best ways to keep your wheels in working condition is with hubcaps. Installing hubcaps on your car will save you more than just money. Florida’s own Sam The Hubcap Man has various parts from aftermarket hubcaps to chrome door handles. Here is our customer guide to finding the right aftermarket parts. 

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are simply just pre-owned or gently used parts refurbished and used on other cars. Choosing aftermarket hubcaps is significantly more cost-effective than buying new hubcaps. Throughout all of Florida, Sam The Hubcap Man is one of the only places that offer quality aftermarket products in Florida! Our aftermarket products span from  chrome door handles, hubcaps, rims, and more. 

Hubcap 101

You’ll install hubcaps in the center of the car’s wheels. They are attached over the rim and protect the wheel from damages. When purchasing a hubcap, there are hundreds of colors and styles. We recommend staying away from cheaply made plastic hubcaps and invest in full coverage metal caps. 

The benefit of hubcaps is to protect your wheel hub and rim from damages inflicted on the road. A damaged wheel hub can be expensive to repair. To check if your wheel hub may be in need or repair, listen for any grinding or humming coming from your wheels. These grinding and humming noises can indicate that the bearings have weekend and need to be replaced or that the entire assembly needs to be replaced. You’ll want to get this checked out as soon as possible. 

Avoid Wheel Hub Damage 

The best way to avoid replacing a wheel hub system entirely is by investing in protective hubcaps. Hubcaps rest over the vulnerable mechanisms of a wheel hub, keeping it protected. Avoid corrosion, rust, and weather damage with a proper hubcap. Our hubcaps come in all materials, designs, and sizes. If you recently purchase chrome door handles from us, you may want to get some matching chrome hubcaps. There’s nothing smoother than a car with a clean put-together look. The benefit of our services is that your vehicle will be protected and stylish. 

Call Us Today!

Our family-owned shop treats everyone like family. We offer the fairest prices and deals for quality products. Located in Tampa, our services reach throughout Florida. Don’t let your wheel hub repair cost you a fortune. Eliminate the problem with aftermarket hubcaps! Our hubcaps are heavy duty and will keep your wheels secure and safe from potential damages. Ready to see for yourself? Visit our website today and see! We have the styles and products that will not only make your car look great but make your bank account feel great too. 

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