16″ Hubcaps

Finding The Right Hubcaps 16 inch Wheel Covers For Your Vehicle

Are you searching for different ways of sprucing up your car? Not ready to get a full blown new vehicle, but want something exciting and more individual to your style? Getting new 16 inch hubcaps may just be your solution. Sam the Hubcap Man in Florida has a variety of hubcaps, wheel covers, and tires to choose from. We even offer tire installation and rotation, custom wheels and accessories.

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Different Cars, Different Tires

With so many models of vehicles out there, along with hundreds of kinds of tires, you may wonder what your tire size may be. It can never hurt to double check, as it’s a quick and easy thing to do, and can save you the headache of dealing with returns. Most hubcaps and wheel covers will fit any tire brand as long as it’s the same size, but if you get a 14 inch wheel cover and it is supposed to be 15 inches, then you may have a problem on your hands.

Pick one of your tires and look for a series of numbers and letters on it, which defines the exact type and size tire you have. Towards the end of this series is the letter R, followed by two numbers. These two numbers are going to be your hubcap or trim size. So if you read your tire and see R16, then you will want to look for 16 inch hubcaps. Pretty easy, huh?

16 Inch Hubcaps

Larger tires have a better handle on driving in dirt and gravel, along with braking easier with more rubber on the road. And with cars getting bigger in general over the last twenty or so years, tires are needing to increase their size to maintain a good appearance and ratio to the larger-sized cars on the market. 15 inch hubcaps were generally the standard tire size, but in recent years, 16 and 17 inch tires are becoming more of the norm, especially in bigger sized vehicles like trucks and SUVS.

The two main types of hubcaps are going to be the clip-on and the bolt-on varieties. The clip-on hubcap simply slots into grooves and falls into place, while a bolt-on requires securing it with bolts and lug nuts. Since the clip-on requires less attachments and installation, it actually remains the most secure on your tire, giving you maximum protection.

Custom hubcaps, also known as aftermarket wheel covers, are made of durable ABS plastic with an all metal clipping system, giving your car the protection and durability it needs. The clipping system contains a full metal spring retention ring and spring retention clips, supplying these wheel covers with great grip and easy installation. If you intend to do a lot of off-roading with your vehicle, choosing a durable and tightly-fitted hubcap will help prevent any damage or loss during your many adventures.

Hubcaps come in many differing styles and designs, offering you plenty of options to add some boldness to your car or truck’s tires. Most styles of hubcaps are offered in black, chrome or silver, with black in a matte finish for a more sophisticated and less noticeable look. Chrome is definitely an eye-catcher for it’s shiny and glossy appearance, while silver can display more of an eye-catching look or blend in a little more, depending on your preference.

Narrowing Down The Choices

Whether your vehicle needs an upgrade or you need to replace some damaged hubcaps, there’s no wrong way in terms of style. Picking metal or plastic and going with whatever matte or chrome finish you want gives your car or truck a more individual look. Most shoppers seem to prefer custom hubcaps, but whichever choice you make is going to be a win-win for both you and your vehicle.

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Sam the Hubcap Man has the selection and quality wheel covers and hubcaps you’re looking for. Located in Florida, we offer tire installation and rotation, along with custom wheels and accessories to get the look you want. Call us today!

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