15″ Hubcaps

Tips on Finding The Right 15 Inch Hubcaps For Your Vehicle

Whether you’re looking for a set of 15 inch hubcaps for your brand new car or wanting a new design for your older car, Sam the Hubcap Man has what you’re looking for. Located in Florida, our online store has a wide selection of hubcaps, wheel covers, chrome handles, tires and more. We also offer mechanical services such as tire rotation, custom wheels, nitrogen, tire installation and custom accessories.

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Be Sure of Your Tire Size

You may know your vehicle’s tire size like the back of your hand, but it’s never a bad idea to double check the size anyway. Most hubcaps are going to fit the correct tire size, but if you’re even off by an inch, it won’t work. Plus, it’s super easy to find the dimensions so why not confirm before you start browsing?

Pick one of your tires and look for a series of numbers and letters on it, which defines the exact type and size tire you have. Towards the end of this series is the letter R, followed by two numbers. These two numbers are going to be your hubcap or trim size. So if you read your tire and see R16, then you will want to look for 16 inch hubcaps. Pretty easy, huh?

15 Inch Hubcaps

Back in the day, the industry standard tire and hubcap size was 15 inches for most models of cars. More recently, tires have been getting bigger and bigger, with a lot of vehicles out on the road with 17 inch sizes now.

15 inch tires are still relatively cheap compared to the other sizes around, making it the ideal size for shopping and selection, since a lot of models used to use the size. Since 15 inch tires are smaller, they weigh less and offer better fuel efficiency for your vehicle as well.

The two main types of hubcaps are going to be the clip-on and the bolt-on varieties. The clip-on hubcap simply slots into grooves and falls into place, while a bolt-on requires securing it with bolts and lug nuts. Since the clip-on requires less fussing and attachment, it actually remains the most secure on your tire, giving you maximum protection.

Your hubcaps are going to most likely be the manufactured type that came with your vehicle, unless you’ve already invested in new hubcaps since then. There are a few different styles out there, including custom hubcaps, also known as aftermarket wheel covers.

These custom hubcaps are made of durable ABS plastic with an all metal clipping system, giving your car the protection it needs. Custom hubcaps are going to have a little more flair than your average manufactured OEM hubcap, so if you’re in the market to really add some spice to your car, they may be the way to go.

You may feel that only having black and silver as hubcap color choices are a little boring, but there are so many different shades and finishes to them, along with their individual designs, the possibilities are endless. With black, you can get your 15 inch tires a smooth matte black finish. Or go with a shiny, glossy black to catch the driver’s eyes as you cruise by. Silver can also be eye-catching, or go with a chrome finish for a polished, sophisticated look.

You Can’t Go Wrong

No matter what design and look you go for, your 15 inch tires are going to be cruising in style. Starting your hubcap shopping will never be easier! The only hard part will be deciding between all the custom hubcaps, plastic or metal, and what finish to go with.

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Ready to explore some 15 inch hubcaps? Sam the Hubcap Man in Florida is equipped for any and all hubcap varieties, depending on your style. Check us out today!

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